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The Son of Mary

The New Testament Gospels provide four independent accounts of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Since they all deal with the same subject matter, there is understandably a great … Continue reading


Hand in Hand with Jesus

In the Gospel record of Mark, of the numerous encounters Jesus had with certain individuals, there are four which share one thing in common that is not shared with any … Continue reading


When Jesus Wants Silence

A consistent theme in the Gospel of Mark is the repeated accounts of Jesus ordering certain ones to keep quiet about His identity or what they have witnessed Him doing … Continue reading


For or Against Christ?

To justify their dismissal of the Bible’s claims of divine inspiration and implied inerrancy, antibiblicists readily point out what they perceive to be inaccuracies and internal contradictions. For example, in … Continue reading


Why Should I Believe in the Return of Christ?

Every biblical prophecy has been fulfilled, with the exception of those pertaining to Christ’s second coming. Because of the Bible’s incredible track record, there is no sensible reason to doubt … Continue reading


Why Should I Believe in Jesus Christ?

Secular history verifies the historical person of Jesus Christ, but the writers of the New Testament provide the most comprehensive description of His life, character, and words. By honestly considering … Continue reading


It Is Finished

“After this Jesus, knowing that all things are now finished, that the scripture might be accomplished, saith: ‘I thirst.’ There was set there a vessel full of vinegar; so they … Continue reading


The Promise of the Spirit in John 14-16

One thousand years before Jesus was born, the Patriarch David spoke of the Messiah’s coming reign at the right hand of God (Ps. 110:1). The Christ was to rule from … Continue reading


They Have Taken Away the Lord!

When Mary Magdalene came to Christ’s tomb early Sunday morning and found it empty, she ran to Simon Peter and cried, “They have taken away the Lord out of the … Continue reading


Salvation By Grace

This is the second series in dealing with the subject, “Salvation by Grace through Faith.” The first gave emphasis to Biblical teaching concerning the importance of grace, faith, and obedience … Continue reading