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Why Should I Believe in God?

All who genuinely search for God can easily find Him (Acts 17:27), and to confirm the reality of God one could appeal to any number of philosophical arguments and logical … Continue reading


Legalism in the Church

Although the term “Legalist” does not appear in Scripture, the term fits perfectly with the attitudes of the Pharisees in the time of Christ. They exalted the Law of Moses … Continue reading


Salvation By Grace

This is the second series in dealing with the subject, “Salvation by Grace through Faith.” The first gave emphasis to Biblical teaching concerning the importance of grace, faith, and obedience … Continue reading


A Question of “Time”

In every good fairy tale, just when defeat seems inevitable for the good guys, a hero appears on the scene to crush the forces of darkness and to restore justice. … Continue reading


Salvation By Grace Through Faith

There has been no subject discussed more since the beginning of time than that of salvation. No other subject has led to more confusion and differences of opinion. No other … Continue reading

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