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Every Person Matters

Many nations in the world conduct a census every so often to determine the population of that nation. The government does everything it can to make each citizen believe that … Continue reading


Bearing Fruit for the Vinedresser

The Ecclesiastes author wrote, “Vanity of vanities! All is vanity” (Ecclesiastes 1:2). He later explained how wisdom, possessions, labour, physical pleasure, and wine are wastes of time. He finally wrote, … Continue reading


Life’s Greatest Joys

I have made some exciting decisions in my life. One of those choices was to marry Kristen. Another was to go to university. Yet another was to move to New … Continue reading


Immersed in Entertainment

We live in a culture that swamps us with entertainment. Everywhere we look, there it is. Billboards. Television. Magazines. Music. Books. Video Games. Movies. Internet. It’s part of our everyday … Continue reading


The Cost of Discipleship

In 1897, John Stuart McCaig began to build a tower in Oban, Scotland. With a 200-metre circumference, this tower was going to be quite impressive. Unfortunately, McCaig was unable to … Continue reading

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What Does Your Heart Tell You?

Last week, my sweet wife took me out on a date to see the new movie, Man of Steel. Overall, it was quite entertaining (skip to “…” to avoid spoilers). I’ve … Continue reading


Christian Growth

What is a house like that hasn’t been inhabited for fifteen years? The hardwood floor is buckling. There is moss growing on the roof. The porch swing has fallen and … Continue reading


The Meaning of Sin

The more I go out into the community, the more I realise that the world has really lost its understanding of sin. What is sin? The Greek word for sin … Continue reading


The Delusion of Gay Marriage

Mona and Larry desperately want to be parents. The problem is, they don’t have kids, they don’t want kids, and they don’t even like kids. But they do have a … Continue reading


The Beatitudes Beyond the Sermon on the Mount

The Greek word makarios (“blessed”) appears thirteen times in the Gospel according to Matthew, all employed in the teachings of Jesus. Nine of these are found in the opening words of the … Continue reading