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Did Jesus of Nazareth Actually Exist?

Christianity is a belief that stands or falls on the basis of its historical claims. If Jesus didn’t actually exist, why waste your time with going to church, reading the … Continue reading


Does God Really Exist?

Does God Really Exist? This is a big question isn’t it? Perhaps it’s one of the biggest questions you will ever ask yourself. A lot hangs in the balance in … Continue reading


Problems with “The Pearl”

Sometime in the future, when the crumbling ruins of Mormon temples stand as monuments to man’s folly, the year 1967 may well be remembered as the year when the Latter … Continue reading


Geology and the Flood

In recent years creationist scientists have argued convincingly that the facts of geology are more adequately explained in terms of the creation model than the evolution model. Briefly, the creationists … Continue reading


The Case of the Missing Link (part 1)

When Sir Fred Hoyle recently suggested to scientists at London’s Royal Institution, that life on earth may have been spawned by intelligent beings in another part of the Universe, his … Continue reading


Creation or Evolution

As he witnessed the frantic attempts of the religious leaders in the 19th century to reconcile the biblical account of creation with the theory of evolution, Thomas Huxley scornfully dismissed … Continue reading