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Restoring True Worship

Upon the completion of the Jerusalem temple—the center of Jewish worship—Solomon reminded the Israelites that God is worthy of adoration and praise simply because of who He is and because … Continue reading


Biblical Interpretation: Asking the Right Questions

What does the Bible say to me, and how does it apply to my life? As important as these questions are, the proverbial cart is placed before the horse when they are the … Continue reading


Radical Thinking

Jesus was a radical person. He came with a new, authoritative message (Matthew 7:28-29). He drove sinners out of the Temple of God (John 2:13-22). He exposed hypocrites to their faces … Continue reading


The Delusion of Gay Marriage

Mona and Larry desperately want to be parents. The problem is, they don’t have kids, they don’t want kids, and they don’t even like kids. But they do have a … Continue reading


The Beatitudes Beyond the Sermon on the Mount

The Greek word makarios (“blessed”) appears thirteen times in the Gospel according to Matthew, all employed in the teachings of Jesus. Nine of these are found in the opening words of the … Continue reading


The Son of Mary

The New Testament Gospels provide four independent accounts of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Since they all deal with the same subject matter, there is understandably a great … Continue reading


Hand in Hand with Jesus

In the Gospel record of Mark, of the numerous encounters Jesus had with certain individuals, there are four which share one thing in common that is not shared with any … Continue reading


Lessons from Ancient Terrorists

In recent years International News has been dominated by the violent turmoil throughout North Africa and the Middle East. Authoritarian regimes have been challenged and tyrannical dictators have fallen, while … Continue reading


The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth

From a mountain near Capernaum, the celebrated “Sermon on the Mount” was preached by our Lord Jesus, recorded in chapters 5–7 of Matthew’s Gospel. In the opening words blessings (“beatitudes”) … Continue reading


When Jesus Wants Silence

A consistent theme in the Gospel of Mark is the repeated accounts of Jesus ordering certain ones to keep quiet about His identity or what they have witnessed Him doing … Continue reading