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Monthly Archives: June, 2013


The most important event in history is when Christ died for our sins, was buried, and was resurrected. For I delivered to you as of first importance what I also … Continue reading


The Ten Commandments

I bought a box of 24 gift Bibles last month for the church to give away to those who do not have a copy of God’s word. It’s a blessing … Continue reading


The Meaning of Sin

The more I go out into the community, the more I realise that the world has really lost its understanding of sin. What is sin? The Greek word for sin … Continue reading


Christians Only

If I spent the time to read and follow the Bible as God intends, what would that make me? Most people understand that doing this would make me a Christian. … Continue reading


Radical Thinking

Jesus was a radical person. He came with a new, authoritative message (Matthew 7:28-29). He drove sinners out of the Temple of God (John 2:13-22). He exposed hypocrites to their faces … Continue reading


Pop Quiz!

Today, you are given a quiz on the spot, without warning. It has only one multiple choice question on it. It is: Answer the question before proceeding to test your … Continue reading