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For or Against Christ?

To justify their dismissal of the Bible’s claims of divine inspiration and implied inerrancy, antibiblicists readily point out what they perceive to be inaccuracies and internal contradictions. For example, in Luke 11:23 (cf. Matthew 12:30) Jesus is reported as saying, “He who is not with me is against me, and he who does not gather with me scatters.” Compare this with the seemingly conflicting words of Luke 9:50 (cf. Mark 9:40): “. . . for he who is not against us [you] is on our [your] side.” While critics of the Bible cry “blatant contradiction,” a sympathetic reading of the statements in their respective contexts proves otherwise. In the first passage, the Lord is speaking to antagonistic Pharisees who were falsely accusing him of doing the devil’s work. Enemies of truth, resistant to Christ’s message, are decidedly against him. In the second passage, the apostles were forbidding the good works of an apparent disciple of Jesus simply because he was not in their immediate apostolic circle. In this case, the Lord is addressing misplaced pride and unwarranted discrimination. The teachings of Christ call for both exclusiveness and inclusiveness, depending on the circumstances. Out of context, there appears to be incongruity. In context, the teachings are easily harmonized.

Originally posted on 30 November 2011 by Kevin L. Moore at http://www.poriruachurch.com. Quotations are from the NKJV.

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