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Carrying on the Lord’s work without Elders

Although to be fully organised biblically, a congregation must have elders (Tit. 1:5; Acts 14:23), the fact remains, that there are churches in the brotherhood that do not have men … Continue reading


Salvation By Grace

This is the second series in dealing with the subject, “Salvation by Grace through Faith.” The first gave emphasis to Biblical teaching concerning the importance of grace, faith, and obedience … Continue reading


A Question of “Time”

In every good fairy tale, just when defeat seems inevitable for the good guys, a hero appears on the scene to crush the forces of darkness and to restore justice. … Continue reading


God’s Word- Our Guide

“If all else fails, read the instructions!” My wife said it when I was having difficulty assembling a new bicycle. She was right, as usual. We really do need guidance … Continue reading