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Monthly Archives: April, 1982

Honest and Intelligent Study

I suppose that all will admit that it is a man’s duty, as well as his privilege, to study the Bible. This obligation is a personal one. It is based … Continue reading


Salvation By Grace Through Faith

There has been no subject discussed more since the beginning of time than that of salvation. No other subject has led to more confusion and differences of opinion. No other … Continue reading

01/04/1982 · 1 Comment

The Case of the Missing Link (part 2)

In our previous article we pointed out that the systematic gaps in the fossil record constitute a serious problem for evolutionists. In particular we drew attention to the fact that … Continue reading


Are They Really Lost?

World evangelism is being hindered because we have untold numbers in the Church who believe that a man who has not heard is not lost. Why did Jesus give the … Continue reading